Common Roofing Repair Jobs

Roofing repair in GR

The roof may appear sturdy and solid all through but is not exempt from developing some issues from time to time. At times, the homeowner has to hire a roofer to repair damaged parts of the roof. In many instances, the roofer recommends replacing the entire roof, especially if the damages are irreparable. Determining whether the roof needs repairs or replacements is a decision the owner makes in conjunction with the roofer. The most common roofing repair jobs you or the roofer is likely to handle are as follows:

Repairing New Shingles

New shingles might appear fresh and capable of withstanding a lot of things. The truth is they are just as likely to suffer damages. New shingles can last for a period of between 10 and 30 years. Shingles cannot outlast the building. They suffer damages due to prolonged exposure to the elements. Snow, heavy rain, hail, and high winds batter the shingles constantly, thus forcing them to sustain some severe damages. A roofer is often hired to repair missing, torn or worn shingles. Since repairing the shingles can be dangerous work, hiring a roofer to do it is a better option.

Repairing Damaged Gutters

The gutter needs plenty of attention from true roofing professionals. With regular cleaning and maintenance, gutters will last as long as your home. However, many times gutters fail to last half the time they should because of neglect. Gutters play a crucial role of catching and redirecting water, especially rain water. Consequently, they need regular repair and the occasional replacement to make them serve you well. Repair and replacement are necessary because of the amount of debris that often fills the gutters.


Re-flashing requires professional input. It needs the input of individuals who know what is required of them. Re-flashing is essential when the chimney starts leaking. A rusty, falling out or missing metal flashing is responsible for a leaky chimney. Re-flashing is one of the costliest roof repair jobs you will ever hire a roofer to do. The high cost is mostly because it requires plenty of time, patience, and effort to do properly. Despite the huge costs, re-flashing produces results that you continue enjoying for many years.

Repairing and Improving the Ventilation

A professional is required to handle projects that revolve around improving ventilation in the building. Poor ventilation is the result of moisture that is trapped in parts of the roof, such as the attic. This often happens when the temperatures are high, thus forcing the hot and humid air to find its way to the attic where it is eventually trapped. This then leads to a swelling and buckling up the wood. In such cases, the roofer is needed to improve and add more ventilation to give the trapped air a chance or avenue through which to escape.

Repairing Leaks

Leaks are some of the most common problems for which you need the input of a true roofing expert. Leaks are not the most complicated to fix. They also cost less money to fix – even though this depends on with the cause of the leak. Finding the exact cause of the leak often takes more time. Finding the cause gets much harder when dealing with leaks that appear to be coming from multiple sources. If the leak is on the wall, the roofer would have a harder time trying to identify and repair it so that structural stability does not suffer.

As shown here, the most common roof repair jobs are new shingles, gutter repairs and replacements, re-flashing, leak repairs and improving ventilation. Some of these jobs are dangerous and highly complex. It is a bad idea to attempt to do these jobs on your own as part of a DIY project to save some money would be a bad idea. Although it costs money to hire a roofer – especially the very best ones – it is worth it. What you ought to do is to be ready financially and mentally to hire a roofer for repairs.