foam roofing in GR

Homeowners have different tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing the best residential roofing. Most of them prefer the traditional types of roofing. Many are open to new ideas and would see nothing wrong in installing foam roofing on their residential buildings. It seems they know something about these types of roofs that others fail to realize. Foam roofing is not entirely new. It has been in the industry for decades. What is happening is that it is increasing in popularity.

So, here is why you should consider installing foam roofing on your property too:

Watertight Sealing

The sealing it provides is not only watertight, but also airtight and waterproof. Foam roofing provides this quality of sealing primarily because it does not have seams. In areas around the pipes, chimneys and vents, the foam roofing create a tight seal that does not allow any water to pass through. Foam is incapable of contracting or expanding with time, which is great news as it means the seal will never be broken. With such a high-quality seal in place, water will have an impossible time trying to get into the building through the crevices found in the openings.

Superior Insulation

Foam roofing guarantees superior quality of insulation. Spray foam is an excellent insulator. This is wonderful news for any person who needs to reduce energy bills in the home. The absence of seam on the spray foam gives it this increased insulation. The absence of seams means heat will not escape from your home during winter. In summer, the home remains cool enough thus saving you from spending too much money on air conditioning unit or catering for energy bills. The insulation it provides is against noise pollution from outside too.

Enhanced Durability

Foam roofing is durable. With proper maintenance, it can last you a long time, thus saving you from spending money on endless repairs and replacements. Although it is durable, you need to re-coat foam roofing every five years so that it continues serving you excellently. After recoating the roof, the next time you spend money on it will be after 20 years. By sticking to this schedule, your foam roof will not make your life unbearable. The money and time you spend on it is lower compared to other roofing types.

Increases the Building’s Aesthetic Appeal

Foam roofing increases the aesthetic appeal of your property. A roof is not a functional part of the home alone. It is also a wonderful feature through which you can make the home as attractive as you desire. Foam roofs are attractive and sexy. They are compatible with almost any style or construction. The white foam roofing matches with just about any exterior siding. Feel free to customize it with other colors such as light gray, tan or beige. Spray foam roofing is resistant to the harmful effects of increased exposure to UV rays, which destroy other types of roofing.

Environmentally Friendly Roofing

Foam roofing is environmentally friendly. In fact, you are free to install it on any other type of roofing if you want to. What this does is it saves you from removing the current roofing and taking the wastes to the local landfill, which devastates the environment. The materials used in making this roofing type are not toxic. Therefore, you never have to worry about the emission of harmful fumes while installing foam roofing on your residential property. To enjoy these benefits, you have to hire the right roofer.

Therefore, there is no doubt that installing foam roofing on your house would be a wonderful decision on your part. The benefits you get from installing it far outweigh the money spent on materials and hiring a roofer for this project. Choose a roofer who is not only experienced, but also knowledgeable and well trained to install foam roofing on residential properties. In summary, what you get from foam roofing is waterproof and watertight sealing, superior insulation, durable roof, environmentally friendly product, and increased aesthetic appeal.